Film News

‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer claims Jared Leto was “mistreated” over edit

Fans are campaigning for Ayer's cut of the 2016 film to be released

Hollywood directors including Jordan Peele want to cast John Boyega: “We got you”

"I don't know if I’m going to have a career after this," Boyega said during a speech at a Black Lives Matter protest yesterday (June 3)

‘Friends’, ‘Will & Grace’ actress Mary Pat Gleason dies aged 70

The prolific actress has over 100 film and TV credits

Screen Australia to fund Shane Warne documentary, ‘SHANE’, in latest funding round

$2.1million in production funding is being shared among 14 documentaries

Cannes Film Festival announces 2020 shortlist despite event not going ahead this year

Films by Wes Anderson, Steve McQueen and Pixar all made the cut

Facebook launches interactive app for fans to comment on live events in real time

Users can join multiple "venues" to get different perspectives on live events

Paul Dano “really surprised” with Matt Reeves’ script for ‘The Batman’

Dano said the script surprised him and that it could be "really powerful"