Paul Walker’s personal car collection sells for over $2.3 million at auction

The late actor was an avid car collector

Paul Walker’s personal car collection went up for auction this week and sold for over $2.3 million.

The 40-year-old Fast and Furious actor died in 2013 after the car he was a passenger in was involved in an accident in Los Angeles.

An avid car aficionado – a passion shared with his father and grandfather, who once raced factory cars for Ford – the actor’s personal collection of 21 cars, trucks and motorcycles went up for auction this week (January 14-18) in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Put up for sale by Barrett-Jackson, the collection brought in $2,333,450, according to Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of the auction house.

“Paul Walker has been compared to a modern-day Steve McQueen, who lived his passion for racing in every aspect of his life,” Jackson told The Hollywood Reporter. “[He] has inspired entire generations of car lovers. We worked closely with a close friend of Paul’s who helped care for Paul’s collection following his death; he was responsible for consigning and prepping the vehicles for the auction.”

All proceeds from the auction will go to a trust for Walker’s 21-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, who “kept a few vehicles she had a connection with.” Meadow manages the Paul Walker Foundation, dedicated to providing grants and scholarships that benefit marine science.

The auction’s biggest draws included a series of five white BMW M3 Lightweight Editions, considered a rarity because just 126 were made. The 1995 E36, with just 4,600 miles, brought in the highest dollar amount of the lot: $385,000. The other four drew prices from $220,000 to $258,500.

“Paul was a racer at heart,” Jackson said, revealing that as a price comparison Barrett-Jackson auctioned a BMW M3 Lightweight in 2018 for $121,000. “We’re told Paul spent countless hours on the track perfecting his racing skills. The question of whether he intended to build a racing team is something we may never know. When Paul purchased the five BMW M3 Lightweights, he envisioned them as his own investment vehicle.”


Other cars sold included a 1991 BMW M3 E30 (with 7,644 miles) going for $220,000, while a 1988 version of the car (with 32,269 miles) brought in $165,000.

Meanwhile, Paul Walker’s character in Fast and Furious could return for the ninth film in the series, six years after the actor’s death. The late actor played Brian O’Conner in the series.

According to sources close to the film say they’re on the lookout for a body double for Walker to appear in the film.

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