Disney’s Pixar introduces its first lesbian character in new movie ‘Onward’

“It’s a modern fantasy world and we want to represent the modern world"

Disney‘s Pixar has introduced its first lesbian character in upcoming new movie Onward.

The movie follows two young elves (played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) who find a wizard’s magical staff, and it features a lesbian character, Officer Specter – a cyclops police officer voiced by Lena Waithe.

Slate confirmed that Specter identifies as queer, citing a line of dialogue she delivers in the movie. “My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out,” she says as she sympathises with a driver stressed out by the behaviour of his girlfriend’s sons.


According to Kori Rae, one of the producers of Onward, the revelation “just happened”.

“The scene, when we wrote it, was kind of fitting and it opens up the world a little bit, and that’s what we wanted,” she told Yahoo.

Director Dan Scanlon said of the character: “It’s a modern fantasy world and we want to represent the modern world.”

Last year, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige discussed the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s plans to include more LGBTQ characters.

Speaking to i09, Feige said: “You look at the success of Captain Marvel and Black Panther. We want the movies to reflect the audience and we want every member of our global audience to see themselves reflected on the screen. And that’s what we’ve been doing for a long time. And certainly, that’s what we’re focusing on going forward.”


Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo has revealed that Feige almost quit his job in 2012 over the studio’s lack of representation.

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