‘A Quiet Place Part II’ praised in first reactions: “The rare sequel that exceeds the original”

"I have a stomach ache now from how tense this movie is"

The first reactions for A Quiet Place Part II are in, and it seems critics are extremely impressed with the sequel.

A few people have been lucky enough to get a preview of the horror thriller, which stars Emily Blunt as Evelyn, who is tasked with keeping Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe) and their newborn baby safe in the new film.

Those who have seen the show have heaped praise on the tension-building quality of the film, with Millicent Simmonds’ performance particularly highly regarded.


“A QUIET PLACE PART II is the rare sequel that exceeds the original in nearly every way,” said Ben Mekler. “A gorgeous film, my heart is still pounding.”

“A QUIET PLACE PART II is ‘Tension: The Movie.’ I have a stomach ache now from how tense this movie is. (Also, this turned out to be a surprisingly great Cillian Murphy movie.),” said Mike Ryan from Uproxx.



Many were also impressed by the world-expanding nature of the film, bringing new elements to the sequel that several critics felt merited a third film in the franchise.

“A QUIET PLACE PART II: A worthy, world-expanding followup that builds on the original and finds its own thrills, chills, and emotions in the process,” said Kate Erbland.

#AQuietPlacePartII is a great sequel that expands the world. Had me on the edge of my seat the entire time,” Steven Weintraub noted. “Movie is an hour and 45 minutes and when it ended wanted more. Is it too early to talk about #AQuietPlace3?”

A Quiet Place II sees John Krasinski return as director, and is due to arrive in UK cinemas on March 20.