Rachel McAdams says ‘Mean Girls’ line is still her most famous movie quote

She said it still beats 'Game Night'

Rachel McAdams has said that a line from Mean Girls remains the most quoted of her career.

The actor, who played Regina George in the seminal teen comedy, recently reflected on the most memorable lines she’s had to say.

McAdams was asked by The Hollywood Reporter whether a viral quote from 2018’s Game Night, in which she says, “Oh no, he died!” would win, or whether it would be “Stop trying to make fetch happen” from Mean Girls.


“Stop trying to make fetch happen’ is still in the lead,” McAdams replied, laughing about the film’s legacy.

Rachel McAdams recently returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reprising her role as Dr. Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness.

“I sort of try to go with the flow on these things, and it all works out for a reason. There are real masterminds at work with the MCU,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I just really enjoyed the experience of the first one for what it was, and it was just wonderful and exciting and surprising to be back again. So I just went into it with gratitude, and here we are.”

In a three-star review of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessNME wrote: “There’s a thin line between fan-service and… Space Jam 2.


“Though Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is a franchise eating itself, it’s a meta-meal that that’s mostly fun, scary, visually bombastic and mad.”