Sam Neill on Jacinda Ardern resignation: “I do not blame her”

"She deserved so much better"

Sam Neill has called New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a “great leader” and defended her resignation.

Last night (January 18), Ardern said that six “challenging” years in the role had affected her, saying that she no longer has “enough in the tank” to lead the country.

Ardern said that leading New Zealand through five-and-a-half years of “crisis” has been “most fulfilling” but also challenging.

“These events… have been taxing because of the weight, the sheer weight and continual nature of them,” she said in a statement obtained by the BBC. “There’s never really been a moment where it’s ever felt like we were just governing.”

Neill, a fellow Kiwi, took to social media to defend Ardern’s decision, writing on Twitter: “[Jacinda Ardern] resigned today. I am not surprised nor do I blame her. Her treatment, the pile on, in the last few months has been disgraceful and embarrassing.

“All the bullies, the misogynists, the aggrieved. She deserved so much better. A great leader. Thanks PM!”

Hillary Clinton also praised Ardern on social media, calling her “a true stateswoman”.

“Jacinda Ardern will be remembered for guiding her country with strength, compassion, and grace through multiple historic crises, doubtless saving countless lives,” Clinton wrote.

“She’s shown the world a new model of powerful leadership. A true stateswoman.”


Neill, meanwhile, most recently starred alongside Laura Dern in Jurassic World: Dominion, reprising their roles from the original franchise.

In a review of the film, NME wrote: “The cast try gamely, with old hands Dern, Neill and Goldblum the best of the bunch. But they have such risible dialogue to say that you can’t help feeling sorry for them.”

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