Tom Holland announces break from Instagram with bizarre third-person explanation

"I've started to focus on Tom and the future of what Tom is gonna be"

Tom Holland has said he will be taking a break from Instagram to focus on himself away from social media.

The Spider-Man actor told E! News, “I don’t have Instagram right now, I just had to get away from it and take a break.

“It was taking over my life, and I was becoming obsessed by it,” said Holland. “Like, ‘How many likes did I get?’ and ‘What did people say about my picture?’ and who’s doing this and who’s doing that. I found myself focusing more on my Instagram life than I was on my real life.”


He continued: “And now that I’ve taken a step back and I’ve started to focus on Tom and the future of what Tom is gonna be, I have – I’m talking about myself in the third person, I sound like such a dick, but you know what I mean. I’m just working on myself, and I feel really great for it.”

The actor’s next project is a big-screen take on video game Uncharted, which has been in development hell for years but seems on its way now.

Elsewhere, Holland is one of the two lead characters in Pixar’s upcoming new film Onward, which focuses on two troll brothers (the other played by Chris Pratt) embarking on a philosophical journey to reconnect with their father.

Onward is released in cinemas on 6 March 2020.