‘Uncut Gems’ Safdie Brothers to make TV series about a cursed newly-married couple

The directing duo revived Adam Sandler's dramatic appeal

Directing duo Josh and Benny Safdie have lined up their next project, following the recent diamond district caper Uncut Gems.

The brothers will be writing and directing a half-hour comedy pilot for Showtime, starring Nathan for You creator Nathan Fielder.

The potential show, entitled The Cursewill be co-written by Benny Safdie and Fielder, and both will star. The premise sees “how an alleged curse disturbs the relationship of a newly married couple who star in Flipanthropy, their troubled HGTV show,” according to Deadline.


Fielder and the Safdies will act as executive producers while the brothers will direct.

The indie filmmakers broke into the mainstream with Good Time in 2016, which cast Robert Pattinson in a gruelling acid trip of a role as a criminal fighting against the clock to save his younger brother.

With Uncut Gems, many praised the filmmakers for bringing Adam Sandler’s dramatic strength back into focus.

NME’s Alex Flood gave the film five stars, saying, “Uncut Gems is an anxiety-inducing heart-attack of a movie that grabs its audience by the throat and shakes until there’s no breath left.”

Sandler won the Indie Spirit award for ‘Best Male Lead’ for his performance in Uncut Gems, and gave a blistering acceptance speech which took aim at the Oscars.