The new trailer for ‘Bloodshot’ sees Vin Diesel level up

The story sees a man die and come back to life as an enhanced superhuman

The international trailer for amped comic-book adaptation Bloodshot is here, starring Vin Diesel as the titular hero.

The story follows Marine Ray Garrison (Diesel) as he and his wife are assassinated before Garrison is subsequently brought back to life by scientists as an upgraded living being, an enhanced superhero.

The footage sees Diesel go to battle as the engineered human. “I’ve developed an army of soldiers like yourself, improved, enhanced,” says one of the scientists. The premise lets these heroes be stronger, faster, and quicker to heal.


Watch the trailer here:

The film follows the army of superhero soldiers enhanced with nanotechnology, turned into killing machines, which inevitably goes off-piste when Garrison – now Bloodshot – starts to remember his past.

Bloodshot will be directed by David Wilson, in his directorial debut, and stars Eiza González, Sam Heughan, Toby Kebbell and Guy Pearce alongside Vin Diesel.

Jared Leto was first in talks to play the lead character, Variety reported in 2017, but it only took a few months for Diesel to get confirmed.


The first trailer was released last October, introducing the characters and story with a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Memories Are Made Of This”.

Bloodshot is currently scheduled for a wide UK release in cinemas on 13 March 2020.