Watch ‘Eternals’ actor Ma Dong-seok in trailer for ‘The Roundup’

The actor reprises his role in the hit 2017 film ‘The Outlaws’

An exciting new trailer for the upcoming South Korean film The Roundup starring Eternals actor Ma Dong-seok has been released.

On November 6, ABO Entertainment unveiled the official teaser for the highly anticipated follow-up to 2017’s hit action film The Outlaws. Starring Ma Dong-seok as police officer Ma Seok-do, the upcoming movie picks up four years after the events of its predecessor.

“Ma Dong-seok is coming,” reads the text in the new trailer. The clip then cuts to a scene of cars driving through a tunnel. “After this tunnel, crime city is back,” says the accompanying caption.


The trailer goes on to show a flurry of action-packed scenes, where Ma is seen taking on hordes of criminals in a number of different settings. “If you feel like you’re about to die when I beat you up, ring the bell. I’ll let you off,” he warns in the final clip, as he warms up for a fight on a public bus.

Joining Ma in the highly-anticipated sequel are D.P actors Son Seok-koo and Han Woo-yul. Notably, the latter will also be starring in Netflix’s upcoming fantasy-thriller series Hellbound, which premieres later this month.

Meanwhile, Outlaws director Kang Yoon-sung is set to lead the follow-up project. He had won several awards in 2018 for his work on the hit film, including Best New Director at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, and the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards.

Additionally, third and fourth installments in the franchise are currently in development, according to Variety, though they have yet been given the green light.


Outlaws 2 makes its premiere in 2022. The film had begun shooting in mid-2019, and is currently in post-production.