11 Bit Studios reveals new game ‘The Alters’

11 Bit Studios, the creator behind 'Frostpunk' and 'This War of Mine' has revealed new game, 'The Alters' at The PC Gaming Show

A world premiere of the new game from 11 Bit Studios, The Alters, has been revealed at The PC Gaming Show.

We see Jan, the main character, waking up in a futuristic circular spacecraft with tens of shipping containers aboard. He’s travelling with alternative versions of himself, also known as The Alters, going through a distant alien space. You are a space builder trying to find a way back home. Players will need to create alters as they have different skills and character traits necessary for survival and finding a way back home.

Tonally, this could easily be a horror, thriller or mystery game. According to Tomasz Kisilewicz, Lead Artist at 11 Bit Studios, there is a mystery looking into the soul of the character but what you find can be scary, so the psychological horror and drama beats are many. There’s a thick surrealist layer, waking up next to an alternative version of yourself.


The main theme of the game relates to us, as people, shaping ourselves with every decision we make daily. In the game, Yan has a unique possibility of not only shaping himself but reshaping himself numerous times with each alter he creates. The Alters takes a relatable topic and uses the sci-fi setting to put it up to a magnifying glass. This is a very contemporary game that takes advantage of gaming as a medium to make the player think.

11 Bit Studios have used their knowledge gained from developing the likes of This War of Mine and Frostpunk to elevate the possibilities for The Alters, including a big focus on storytelling and narrative.

The Alters is available to be wishlisted on Steam, Epic Games Store or Gog Galaxy and more information can be found on their website.