1990s gaming mascot Zool to return in ‘Zool Redimensioned’

Let's do the time warp, again

Classic 1990s platforming hero Zool is set for a comeback, with a surprise remake of the original Amiga game coming to PC.

Zool Redimensioned will arrive on Steam from August 18, developed by Sumo Digital Academy and published by Secret Mode. The project is the result of Sumo’s talent development programme, which focuses on providing more routes into the games industry, with the team receiving guidance from the developers who worked on the original.

Half of Secret Mode’s revenue from Zool Redimensioned will go back to the Sumo Digital Academy, to support further student initiatives.


Sumo Digital Academy Developers. Credit: Secret Mode

Redimensioned is shaping up to be a classic, or ‘old school’, platforming experience. Secret Mode described the game, saying “Help Zool jump, spin, and shoot his way across eight alien worlds, taking down menacing bosses and saving the universe from the nefarious influence of Krool.”

Redimensioned is further described as having been “rebuilt from the ground up for modern audiences”. The game will feature 28 platforming challenges, seven “completely redesigned” boss fights, and “new secrets, challenges, and extras” to uncover. The game will also support achievements on Steam, with 25 to unlock.

For players who might remember the original version – which was notoriously tough – Redimensioned will feature two game modes. The eponymous “Redimensioned” offers a more accessible modern experience, while “Ultimate Ninja” maintains a “true hardcore” challenge.

There are also quality of life enhancements, including level select, progress checkpoints, and accessibility options. There will be the option to play the original Mega Drive version of the game as well.


The original Zool game was developed by the now-defunct Gremlin Graphics, and was first launched on the Amiga in 1992. Described as the “Ninja from the Nth Dimension!” Zool himself looked rather more like an anthropomorphic ant. Nevertheless, his debut proved popular and the game was ported to almost a dozen platforms, including the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo.

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