2K is reportedly releasing a turn-based Marvel game and a ‘Borderlands’ spin-off

There’s also supposedly a third game that’s described as “Cthulhu meets ‘Saints Row’”

Publisher 2K Games is reportedly gearing up to release a turn-based Marvel game and a Borderlands spin-off.

This is according to a leaked list which was first published on Reddit. The poster, who noted that his claims are “second-hand info[rmation]”, alleged that 2K currently has at least four unannounced games in development. This includes a new turn-based title from Firaxis that will feature characters from the Marvel franchise, which has been described as “XCOM with Marvel heroes”.

In addition, the company also purportedly has plans to showcase a Borderlands spin-off, said to be titled Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, at the upcoming E3 2021 event. This rumour falls in line with a previous statement from Take-Two Interactive (2K’s parent company) that it is working on a “new franchise” from Borderlands developer Gearbox Software.


The final two reported games are a 2022 edition of 2K’s long-running NBA 2K series and an entirely new project which is codenamed “Volt”. The latter game is said to be in “really early development” and has been described as “Cthulhu meets Saints Row”.

Some details of the leaked list have since been verified by noted video game journalist Jason Schreier and corroborated by media outlet VGC. “Yes this 2K leak is real but I’m not sure all of it is going to be at E3,” Schreier wrote on Twitter, alongside a link to the VGC article. “Can’t wait for Marvel XCOM though,” he added.

In other related news, Take-Two Interactive previously revealed plans to release 62 games by 2024 during an earnings call in May. The company had originally said in a 2020 earnings call that it had 93 games in the pipeline to release by 2025, but it’s currently unknown if those plans have changed.

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