A colossal ‘EVE Online’ war could be over because of football

After thirteen months of fighting, super coalition PAPI has retreated

For the past thirteen months, a super coalition called PAPI have been trying to destroy Imperium on spaceship MMORPG EVE Online in what’s been called World War Bee 2.

However, after almost succeeding in their mission PAPI, which is made up of some of the largest player-controlled factions in the game (including Pandemic Horde, Fraternity, Test Alliance Please Ignore and the Brave Collective) recently signalled to its thousands of members that it will pull back from Delve, the last Imperium stronghold.

While some players are blaming poor leadership, Eve Online community developer Peter Farrell thinks one of the reasons for PAPI’s failure was the recent UEFA Euro 2020 Championship.


Speaking to PCGamesN, Farrell explains that “the PAPI strategy was to surround them, earn some money in the process, disrupt some supply lines, and then poke and prod into this fortified constellation to see if they could make any headway. It seemed like they had taken their foot off the gas in the last month or two,” thanks in part to football but also the lifting of lockdown restrictions meaning Imperium had a chance to recruit more players while PAPI were AFK.

After a planned final offensive didn’t go ahead when they realised they were outnumbered, PAPI set about retreating. But according to Farrell, “it’s not something that’s ‘over’ by any means. Really, it’s just a matter of trying to figure out what happens next. And we have no idea. One of the cool parts is that we have no idea how it’s going to play out next – this isn’t scripted. Who knows where the next war is going to start?”

To distract everyone from the horrors of war though, Eve Online are currently hosting festivities to celebrate Amarr Foundation Day, an event which will end on August 12.

In other news, it’s been revealed that The BBC used Fortnite‘s game engine to safely cover the 2020 Olympics.

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