A new ‘Satisfactory’ video teases signals and massive train crashes

New options for rail efficiency

Coffee Stain Studios has released a video teasing new features coming to Satisfactory. The focus of this one is trains.

Satisfactory’s Update five becomes available on the experimental branch later this month, and Coffee Stain Studios has released a new video teaser. This one shows signals in action to control the flow of trains, as well as what happens when trains collide.

In the current version of Satisfactory, there is no need to worry about busy train lines, as trains will pass through each other without issue. However, Update five is set to add signals that allow players to control the flow. The teaser video shows the signals in action. They can be seen changing between the stop and go symbols that influence the automated trains. What is not clear from the video is how the signals know to stop traffic – and if the timing is manually set or based on detection of other trains.


The signals aren’t necessary for the current version of the game, but with Satisfactory Update 5 comes a reason to be careful with your train lines. Collisions will be enabled on trains which means that if signals don’t control them, an entire factory’s supply chain could be ruined in a moment. The trailer itself shows how devastating these train crashes can be.

To avoid this destructive fate, players will need to use signals to create holding tracks, queues for stations, or multilane rail networks.

In an earlier video, Coffee Stain Studios revealed that Update five for Satisfactory will be coming to the experimental branch on October 26. The testing branch is available to anyone who owns Satisfactory, but may be unstable as the team use it to find bugs and other issues ahead of updating the live version. Update five will be experimental for roughly a month before it goes live.

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