A new ‘Serious Sam’ game could be released later this month

This seems serious

A tease from Devolver Digital suggests that a new Serious Sam game will be announced next week and released later this month.

Earlier today, a tweet from Devolver Digital said, “What if a new Serious Sam game was being announced next week and released this month?” The tweet included a video clip that Croteam had previously released.

The clip shows icebergs and buoys in an arctic environment. Sam blasts past in a boat before making land on an icy shelf. Serious Sam’s recognisable voice says, “Man, it’s cold, but nothing warms me up like kicking ass.”


Many of the tweets suggest that the latest game will occur somewhere cold, but whether the low temperature is natural is yet to be seen.

Devolver Digital acquired Serious Sam developer Croteam in 2020 and promised that more Serious Sam would be coming. The sudden announcement and potential release are still surprising, though.

Last month Serious Sam 4 launched on Xbox Game Pass. However, it did not come over to the PC Game Pass, requiring players to pay £30 for access. In Serious Sam 4, players take the role of Sam “Serious” Stone, who is leading the remaining resistance against an extra-terrestrial invasion. The summary reads:

“Humanity is under siege as the full force of Mental’s hordes spread across the world, ravaging what remains of a broken and beaten civilisation. The last remaining resistance to the invasion is the Earth Defence Force led by Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily-armed squad of misfit commandos.”


In other news, the Xbox exclusive cyberpunk role-playing game The Ascent has been rated for PS4 and PS5. The developers had previously said that they had heard the demand for the game to appear on the PlayStation family of consoles. However, no official announcement has been made.

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