‘Scrabble’ battle royale ‘Babble Royale’ is a free-to-play take on genre

The pen is mightier than the sword, or gun I guess

A Fortnite and PUBG contender has entered the arena, as new battle royale-Scrabble mash-up Babble Royale forces players to use their words to win.

The recently released title is free-to-play on Steam (thanks PC Gamer) and can be found here. Available on both Mac and PC, this title is developed by Everybody House Games, who also made Universal Paperclips, a free browser game where you, well, make paperclips.

Babble Royale pits 16 players against each other on a Scrabble-looking board, and has a “hot zone” that makes the board play area smaller as time goes on. There’s power-ups and in-game currency to spend in a match as well, but the goal is to eliminate other players by using their words on the board before they do.


Scrabble Battle Royale
Babble Royale. Credit: Everybody House Games

Each player is essentially their most recent word, so if that word goes in the hot zone, or if another player takes it from you, you’re dead. The game is currently in season zero early access, and will be for three to five months. “Babble Royale is a competitive multiplayer game built around novel gameplay mechanics,” say the developers. “We want to release an early access version in order to get lots of players into the game so we can work with a dedicated player community to learn how to best evolve and refine the core gameplay and expand the game’s content and features.”

More customisation, team play, party queuing, additional maps and extra polish are all planned for the season one launch of the game. Whether or not this can dethrone the battle royale kings remains to be seen.

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