Action RPG ‘Crumbling World’ launches demo, announces release date

The beta demo is now live and free to play

Dume Arts has launched a free beta demo of its upcoming action RPG, Crumbling World, which is set to be released next month.

In the demo, players can enjoy the opening stages of the game and take control of Mathos, the Knight. The unit is one of five classes that will be available when the game is officially released on May 21, for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam. Watch a trailer for the demo here:


“This beta demo has been crafted to provide a taste of the world and the intense real-time combat that players will utilise on their journey to restore light to the land,” the studio noted in a press release, as per The Sixth Axis. The demo will also showcase the game’s “crumbling” mechanic, where the world will literally fall apart beneath the character’s feet.

When it launches, Crumbling World will have five playable classes with seven characters in total. Players will also be given the option to choose between three difficulty levels as they battle over 40 enemy types and bosses. Players will also be able to fully customise their characters through skills and upgrades.

In other gaming news, a new XCOM spin-off, Chimera Squad will launch next week. The standalone spin-off follows a team of 11 agents as they explore a location called City 31. Chimera Squad also features a fresh gameplay system called “Interleaved Turns”, that places “individual agents and enemies into an alternating turn order”.

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