AGDQ players complete speedrun of planet earth with ‘GeoGuessr’

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Two players during AGDQ 2022 have successfully completed a speedrun of planet earth through the game, GeoGuessr.

Sounding suitably absurd, two speedrunners have successfully completed a co-op perfect score run of GeoGuessr in 40 minutes and 19.8 seconds.

The web game drops players into a random Google Street View location, challenging them to figure out where they are. Many of the locations are incredibly hard to figure out, thanks to being random roads.


During last year’s AGDQ speedrunning event, a player called Havrd completed a “slow” perfect score run in 31 minutes and 31 seconds. To gain that score, he had to pinpoint the location of five Street View scenes within just under 600 feet.

This year, he teamed up with Janmumrik, a fellow avid GeoGuessr player, to complete a co-op run. One player would ‘drive’ around in Google Street View, describing what they saw. At the same time, the other player looked at the overhead map and dropped a pin on the location when required.

Due to potential anomalies caused by Street View updates, GeoGuessr speedruns are played on ‘maps’ that limit the regions that players can be teleported to. Havrd and Janmumrik used the A Diverse World map which offers “more than 52,000 hand-picked pinpointable locations” from every country on Google Street View.

It’s an impressive run in a quirky game. It’s possible to watch how the pair accomplish it on Twitch.

AGDQ 2022 runs until Sunday (January 16) with many more speedruns to come including Super Mario 3D Land and Hades.


Elsewhere, it’s possible that Grand Theft Auto 6 could be out by March 2024. That’s according to industry analysts.

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