‘Age Of Empires IV’ developers reveal details of campaigns and civilisations

There appears to be a LOT of new content

Age Of Empires IV will include four campaigns and eight civilisation options from launch, as confirmed during a fan live stream.

Fans of Age Of Empires were treated to some sneak previews of the series’ latest sequel, which arrives some 15 years after its predecessor. A fan live stream held on April 10 saw developers Relic Entertainment clarify the content of the game’s four full-length launch campaigns, along with eight playable civilisations.


Age Of Empires IV will focus on four different campaigns, but the stream focused on details of just one: the Norman Campaign. This will allow players to participate in the 1066 Battle of Hastings, conquer both Britain and France, and highlight points in the conflict’s bloody history.

The environments previewed showed specific scenery depending on the country, showcasing green hills, medieval castles and thatched cottages. Another environment explored in the preview was that of India, one of the many playable civilisations in the game. The Age Of Empires version of the Delhi Sultanate includes huge domed towers and jewelled war elephants.

The inclusion of varied civilisations, including the Mongols who operate a nomadic lifestyle, is intended to make each playthrough feel as varied as possible. Relic Entertainment explained its ideas further in the video, exploring some of the new gameplay mechanics due to come with Age Of Empires IV.

At the end of 2020, it was revealed that a playable build of Age Of Empires IV already exists, saying the team is “literally playing this game every single day”.

Age Of Empires IV was originally announced by Relic Entertainment in 2017, but the studio has remained tight-lipped about the game’s progress ever since. The last major update in 2019 at the X019 event, when the developer showcased gameplay footage for the first time.