‘Alan Wake Remastered’ QR codes point towards a sequel

The signs point to a potential sequel on the way

QR codes hidden in Alan Wake Remastered suggest that rumours of a potential sequel may be accurate.

Alan Wake Remastered released earlier this week and updated Remedy’s 10-year-old game to modern standards. Throughout the game are billboards that received facelifts like the rest of the game. However, the billboards now also have QR codes on them. When scanned, these codes link to unlisted YouTube videos from Remedy that match the style of Control’s easter egg and show Alan at his desk.

These clips appear to occur after the end of the game and suggest that we could get more Alan Wake soon. Alan Wake Remastered is exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. Remedy has partnered with Epic Games to create a new AAA project which was rumoured to be an Alan Wake sequel, but this has not been officially confirmed.


Alan Wake Remastered - Deerfest shootout
Alan Wake Remastered. Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Previously, journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb said that “They’re planning an Alan Wake sequel. This is something I’ve talked about before … they are working with Epic Games on producing an Alan Wake 2, or at least it’s in the planning stages. So does that turn into anything concrete and real? I’m hopeful. I think so. I don’t imagine it will get derailed.”

He also added that “Remedy is really busy. They’re super, super busy, so we’ll have to wait and see if that turns into anything soon or not. But yeah, Alan Wake Remastered is them taking back Alan Wake and saying, ‘hey, this is one of our key franchises, we want people to remember it.”

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