‘Alone In The Dark’ casts David Harbour and Jodie Comer in the survival horror reboot

An October release date has also been confirmed

THQ Nordic has revealed that David Harbour and Jodie Comer will star in Alone In The Dark — a “love letter” to the hugely influential ’90s survival horror of the same name.

In a livestream broadcast today (May 26), THQ Nordic shared an in-depth look at Alone In The Dark and confirmed that the horror game, developed by Pieces Interactive, will launch on October 25.

Set in the American South during the 1920’s, Alone In The Dark will follow Emily Hartwood and private investigator Edward Carnby as they explore Derceto Manor, where Hartwood’s uncle has gone missing. The pair will be portrayed by some famous faces — Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) will play Hartwood, while Stranger Things star David Harbour has been cast as Carnby.


Players will be able to select either Comer or Harbour’s character to play as. According to the below showcase, each protagonist will offer a “different take on the same story,” with the game’s plot and character interactions varying depending on who the player has picked.

“You’ll encounter strange residents, nightmarish realms, dangerous monsters and ultimately uncover a plot of rising evil,” reads the Steam page for Alone In The Dark. “At the intersection of reality, mystery, and insanity, an adventure waits that will challenge your core beliefs. Who can you trust, what will you believe, and what will you do next?”

The game has been described as a “love letter” to the original Alone In The Dark, which was released for PC in 1992. The original game is credited with kicking off the 3D survival horror genre, and influenced Capcom‘s Resident Evil horror series — which launched in 1996, just four years later.

While the game’s PlayStation, Xbox and PC launch is still a few months out, a standalone prologue launched for all platforms today and is free to download. The prologue will serve as an introduction to Derceto Manor, and follows 11-year-old Grace Saunders as she helps deliver a letter to Jodie Comer’s character.

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