Amazon Games’ new AAA studio opens in Montreal

They've given a few details about their first project

Amazon Games have announced the opening of a new AAA games studio in Montreal, Canada, and are actively hiring.

The third Amazon Games studio joins the existing San Diego and Seattle branches. According to a press release on the Amazon Games website, their first project will be an “online multiplayer game based on new intellectual property”.

The team have previously worked on Rainbow Six Siege, and includes industry veterans such as Luc Bouchard, Xavier Marquis, and Alexandre Remy.


“Following our 8 years of experience with Siege, we are excited to leave on a blank page and take advantage of all the freedom that Amazon offers us to create a unique experience, ” said Xavier Marquis, who takes on the role of Creative Director in the new Montreal studio.

“From our first discussions, we were sensitive to their long-term strategic vision, as well as the extent of their technical expertise. It’s a pleasure to be able to collaborate with Amazon Games and we couldn’t be more excited to create a studio together.”

Upcoming Amazon Games projects include the MMO New World, which has a release date in August of this year after many delays, and several other untitled games, including one from Smilegate RPG.

“The richness of Montreal creativity will be a valuable asset to our development and publishing teams, ” said Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games.

He continued: “The team at our new studio, highly skilled and experienced, reflects our ambition to recruit the best talent to create the best games possible. The Montreal team brings us its expertise in online games as well as a passion for creating community-centric multiplayer experiences.


“I can’t wait to see this team get involved with our clients, to see it grow and develop its first project.”

February saw new CEO of Amazon Andy Jassy reiterate his commitment to video games saying, “Being successful right away is obviously less stressful, but when it takes longer, it’s often sweeter. I believe this team will get there if we stay focused on what matters most.”