American McGee would like to create a new ‘Alice’ game

American McGee is ready to return to Wonderland

Game designer American McGee has gone to Twitter to express his interest in continuing EA’s Alice series, after Dead Space‘s return.

After EA announced a Dead Space reboot during EA Play Live, Alice’s creator American McGee has hopes that this means Alice is closer to returning.

On Twitter, he said, “While I (and Alice fans) would have liked the next EA horror project to be a new ‘Alice’ game… this does at least move us forward in line.”


He added that “At some point in the future, execs at EA will shout ‘need moar product!’ and someone will reply, ‘Alice?’ And we’ll be ready!”

McGee has plans for the third game, including an outline. The third game would be titled Alice: Asylum. His intention on how he will get the game made is available on his Patreon, with McGee saying, “I’m starting work to present a new chapter in the Alice series with ‘Alice: Asylum.’ My goal is to build a production/design plan, have that plan approved by EA, and then raise funding to develop a new game.”

To raise funding, McGee suggests that there will be a crowdfunding campaign, but where and when this begins is yet to be seen.

The original Alice game was released in 2000 for PC. It utilised the id Tech 3 engine. The game was based on the world and characters created by Lewis Carrol and was published by EA.

The sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, was released in 2011 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


Glen Schofield, the original Dead Space game creator, has said he’s “excited” to see how Motive handle the upcoming remake.

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