‘American Truck Simulator’ Wyoming DLC launches today

Get ready for your next road trip!

The next DLC (downloadable content) to be added to SCS Software‘s American Truck Simulator officially launches on Steam today (September 7).

The Wyoming DLC is the latest piece of content to arrive for the popular truck sim game and takes players to new locations, featuring new wildlife and landmarks.

“Journey through this dynamic and awe-inspiring state of wild beauty, dominated by the Rocky Mountain rangelands and High Plains, while contributing to its rich economy,” the developer said.


The American Truck Simulator Wymoming update is set to release today at 6 PM BST / 10 AM PDT / 7 PM CEST.

You can check out the launch trailer below:

Here’s everything included in the Wyoming DLC:

  • Deliver to and from 10 cities and discover 14 settlements
  • Discover and deliver to Wyoming’s important industries like coal & soda ash, farms & agriculture, railyards, and more!
  • Haul livestock cargo to our new cattle auction houses
  • Drive on the Highway to Heaven.
  • Haul cargo on the I-80, the second-longest Interstate highway in the United States
  • See wildlife unique to Wyoming including Bison
  • Visit landmarks like Devils Tower National Monument and part of the Yellowstone National Park and get bird’s-eye views with many new viewpoints.
  • Admire accurate representations of cities like Cheyenne, Casper, Jackson, Sheridan, and more!
  • Visit and take a rest at famous Wyoming rest stops & gas stations.
  • Unlock Wyoming-specific Steam Achievements

To celebrate the launch, in a separate Steam post, the developer asked players to take part in the latest World Of Trucks event with a community goal of driving 80million miles while delivering cargoes to or from the city of Wyoming.


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