An ‘Elden Ring’ farming exploit is causing players to ask for a patch

The exploit doesn’t even require you to be holding a controller

A new exploit has been discovered for Elden Ring that allows hosts to farm runes and annoy other players, so much so that people are asking FromSoftware to patch the game to fix it.

The exploit surrounds the invasion and player versus player (PvP) mechanic, and utilises several items which can summon unaware players into the host’s game.

The main method that’s being used involves using the Furcalling Finger Remedy and Taunter’s Tongue multiplayer items, which lure invaders into the host’s game. However, when the invader joins the game, they won’t be able to reach the host because the exploit involves using using the mount, Torrent, to hide in a place you can’t reach on foot.


Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

After this, some hosts are even using the White Cipher Ring which summons hunters to fight on their behalf, which results in the invader either dying to the summoned character, giving up because they can’t find the host, or dying while trying to reach the host. All of these outcomes cause the host to get runes for doing next to nothing.

Runes are an important item in Elden Ring that are used to level up, and while you can find them in the world or buy them from some merchants, doing this method while completely away from your game is very easy, and exploits the fact some areas cannot be reached in multiplayer as you can’t use Torrent in a multiplayer game.

Twitter user RKirby808 (thanks, Kotaku) shows this in action and is calling for a patch, as they’re worried that “the longer it goes on the less many will care about fairness”.

It’s a sticky situation as some Elden Ring players don’t like the invasion mechanics and might even see this as people getting their comeuppance, but this form of multiplayer has always been a part of FromSoftware’s titles, so it’s not a given that this will be fixed.


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