‘Animal Crossing’-like ‘Hokko Life’ coming to Steam early access next month

The community sim welcomes players to customise every aspect of their virtual life

PC players will be getting their own version of Animal Crossing very soon as Hokko Life is launching on Steam next month.

Publisher Team 17 announced that the community life sim – in which players create an avatar and become residents of the laid-back rural town of Hokko – will be available via early access from June 2.

Much like Nintendo’s popular series, Hokko is populated with anthropomorphic animals the player can befriend. A key way of making friends will be designing, building and decorating homes for all of the inhabitants.


Take a look at the trailer below:


Elsewhere in Hokko Life, players can venture into the nearby forest or mines to gather resources. Using these materials, they can head to the workshop and design all kinds of items, which allow for personal customisation with a simple but powerful editor.

Homes can be built and placed anywhere in town, while interiors and exteriors can also be customised to suit the player and their friends’ tastes.

Hokko Life also features other similar activities to Animal Crossing, including bug hunting, fishing, and getting to know each of the animal residents. It will however differ on one important aspect.


“In the end I decided to make the game not follow real time,” the developer Robert Tatnell said in response to a question on the game’s Steam discussion page. “I felt this fits the style of play for people playing on PC better rather than on handheld. I also wanted to give players the ability to enjoy all of the game, even if they don’t have time to spare every day.”

Meanwhile, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, along with Starcraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator, have been inducted into the World Video Game Hall Of Fame.