‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ announces ‘Happy Home Paradise’ DLC

An adorable planning team will help you craft the perfect holiday for your villagers

Nintendo has revealed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will receive paid DLC (downloadable content) in the form of Happy Home Paradise, launching in November.

Launching on November 5, Happy Home Paradise will let Animal Crossing fans design holiday homes for villagers looking to visit a range of new islands. Building the perfect home means considering a range of design options, from building materials to ambient design.

Outside of designing a holiday home, players will also be able to build things like restaurants and schools for villagers to visit as tourists.


Some of these tourists will not want to travel alone, and will request players find a roommate for them. If a player wishes to do so, they will be able to recommend the perfect villager for them to travel with and can consider the preferences of both villagers when creating their shared holiday home.

With Happy Home Paradise, players will also be able to choose to build on islands with different seasons, meaning that holiday homes can be constructed in any season regardless of the current real-world date.

In return for creating the perfect holiday, Happy Home Paradise owners will be paid in Poki, an in-game currency that can pay for all sorts of items that can be used at both holiday islands and the island players call home.

Happy Home Paradise will be priced at £22.49 and is available to preorder from October 29, with more information available on Nintendo’s own page.

However, anyone who purchases the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will receive Happy Home Paradise as part of their package. Today (October 15) Nintendo confirmed the price and release date for the expanded Nintendo Switch Online service.


In other news, plenty of free content will be joining Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a version 2.0 update.