‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ characters are headed to ‘Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Here's your chance to collect Flick, C.J., Daisy Mae and Orville & Wilbur as spirits

Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters are headed to Smash Bros. Ultimate for the latter’s next Spirit Board event.

The four spirits are based on five characters introduced in New Horizons: Flick, C.J., Daisy Mae and brothers Orville & Wilbur (paired up as one spirit).

These newly introduced New Horizons spirits will appear twice a day at fixed time intervals throughout the crossover Spirit Board. Besides their scheduled appearances, the characters can also be encountered at random throughout the event, alongside existing Animal Crossing spirits.


The New Horizons Spirit Board event runs from tomorrow (April 3) to next Wednesday (April 8). Check out the full appearance times and list of characters on Nintendo’s official website.

Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Spirit Board is a single-player mode that pits players against NPCs to collect ‘spirits’. Players can then equip these spirits to boost their character’s stats, status effects, items and stage hazards.

Apart from Spirit Board, spirits can also be used in multiplayer Smash and The World Of Light game modes. Previous special events have introduced spirits based on games such as Cuphead, The Legend Of Zelda and the Resident Evil series.

In late March, Nintendo announced that the first character from Smash Bros. Ultimate’s upcoming Fighters Pass Vol. 2 DLC will be from the company’s 2017 game, ARMS. The fighter’s identity will be revealed in June, with others set for release later this year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest instalment in Nintendo’s long-running Animal Crossing series. The game was released worldwide on March 20 for the Switch and has since taken social media by storm.


New Horizons is currently in the middle of its own limited-run event, Bunny Day, which runs from April 1 to 12. The event features hunts for unique eggs, as well as new recipes for egg-inspired furniture, clothing and decorative items.

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