Indie publisher Annapurna Interactive to host its own showcase next month

It’ll feature upcoming games like ‘Stray’, ‘Neon White’ and ‘The Artful Escape’

Indie video game company Annapurna Interactive, publisher of titles such as What Remains of Edith Finch, Outer Wilds and The Pathless, is set to host its own showcase event next month.

Annapurna earlier today (June 11) announced the forthcoming video game showcase with a brand-new trailer on its YouTube channel. In the clip, the publisher teased that the event will feature “exclusive reveals, new gameplay announcements and a few more surprises”.

Upcoming titles from the developer include Stray, Neon White and The Artful Escape, alongside a potential new DLC for Outer Wilds. The Annapurna Interactive showcase is set to be held on July 29 at 8pm BST.


Meanwhile, the Summer Game Fest kicked off yesterday with a slew of announcements, including a new Among Us game mode, a new game called Salt And Sacrifice from the developers of Salt And Sanctuary, and an extended trailer for Evil Dead: The Game.

Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) annual E3 event is set to make its return on June 12, after it was cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The forthcoming E3 2021 is set to feature industry giants such as EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft and more, alongside a few shows that focus on small and indie developers.

In related news, ESA president Stanley Pierre-Louis has said that future editions of the event will likely continue to combine online and offline components. He also noted that the upcoming E3 2021 will be a “unique opportunity” to learn about how future events can be held.