‘Apex Legends’ brings back duos mode, Kings Canyon map for new event

The Bloodhound-themed ‘The Old Ways’ event launches next week

Old features are headed back to Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends for its upcoming ‘The Old Ways’ event – and this time, they’re permanent.

The Bloodhound-themed event brings back the duo play mode, which the game has implemented over the past couple of months. Apex Legends is also reintroducing its original map, Kings Canyon, which was replaced by World’s Edge when Season 3 launched last October.

Players can now choose their squad size – between duos and the standard three-player configuration – before starting a game, as well as which map to drop into.


Additionally, ‘The Old Ways’ event introduces Bloodhound’s Trials as a new town takeover on World’s Edge. The location appears on the north-west portion of the map, where players will face a “hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward”, Respawn notes in a blog post.

Check out ‘The Old Ways’ trailer below.

Much like previous events ‘Grand Soiree’ and ‘System Override’, ‘The Old Ways’ will also feature an exclusive event prize track where players can earn new cosmetic rewards through completing daily challenges. The prizes include new skins for legend Gibraltor and the weapon Devotion, as well as an XP boost. There will also be lifetime

A slew of new rare and legendary skins will be added to Apex Legends’ in-game store as well. Some of the cosmetics are tie-ins with ‘The Old Ways’ digital short, which was released on YouTube alongside the event’s announcement.


Watch the short film below.

Apex Legends is free to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as PC via EA’s Origin platform. ‘The Old Ways’ event will kick off on April 7, and runs until April 21 on all platforms. Duo mode and Kings Canyon return alongside the event’s launch.