‘Apex Legends’ devs disable Rampage and Sentinel to fix exploit

Outrage, that's it I'm going on a Rampage

Respawn has disabled two weapons in Apex Legends after an exploit made them far too powerful.

The infinite charge exploit was discovered in Apex Legends and affected the Rampage light machinegun and Sentinel sniper rifle. The two weapons share a mechanic that allows them to charge up for improved damage and fire rate.

The charged-up weapons gradually cool down over time and revert to their original stats, however, an exploit was discovered that allowed players to force the guns to be at maximum charge permanently. This was potent enough that Respawn issued a fix but it didn’t take long for Apex Legends players to find a new way to replicate the bug.


Now, Respawn has removed the weapons from the game completely. They will no longer be purchasable in Arenas and have been taken out of the loot pool for all Battle Royale modes. The weapons should be returned once a fix has been deployed, but no timeline was given for the changes.

Respawn tweeted to say “We’ve just pushed out a [Apex Legends] update temporarily disabling the Rampage and Sentinel weapons in all modes due to an exploit.

“The update also disables the MIL-SPEC Bangalore skin. It is, however, still purchasable from the store and will be present once fixed and re-enabled.”

The same update that removed the weapons has also removed the Bangalore Mil-spec skin. The new premium cosmetic was causing Apex Legends to crash when it was used, and Respawn sent out a message telling owners not to equip the skin. It has now been removed from the list of cosmetic items but remains in the game and available to purchase. Those who own the skin or purchase it while it is unavailable will be able to use the skin as soon as a fix is deployed.


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