‘Apex Legends: Emergence’ trailer shows a door-busting LMG and Seer in action

Seer's Johnny!

The latest gameplay trailer for the next Apex Legends season, titled Apex Legends: Emergence, has given fans a closer look at what to expect from the update on August 3.

The trailer showcases the upcoming Legend Seer, whose skillset – as per a press release – will allow him to “use sensors and drones to hunt with surgical precision”.


Many of Seer’s abilities revolve around gaining information over the enemy. His tactical ability sends out microdrones that can track enemies, while his ultimate – as seen in the trailer – looks like it can potentially interrupt enemies or knock them out of the sky.

Apex Legends: Emergence will also add a new LMG – the Rampage – which is demonstrated using thermite grenades to achieve a faster fire rate and shoot through doors.

Also featured in the trailer is an update to the World’s Edge map, which is described as “crumbling beneach the Legends’ feet”. Throughout the video, pools of lava and dramatic rifts in the earth are seen disrupting various important areas of the map.

The next update also brings Ranked Arenas, “which will allow players to prove themselves as Apex Predators” in both Arena and Battle Royale game modes. Arenas are also getting a fresh map rotation which will change as the season progresses. The rotation will include locations like Oasis, Hillside and Dome.

Finally, the launch of Apex Legends: Emergence will also feature a new Battle Pass. From the trailer, it looks like this may include a Legendary skin for Volt. Apex Legends: Emergence will launch on all available platforms on August 4.


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