‘Apex Legends’ is changing kills and deaths for ranked quitters

Quitting after your downed won’t save you

A new update is changing how Apex Legends ranked play deals with kills, deaths and assists when it comes to quitters.

A long-awaited change to Apex Legends ranked modes means it’s no longer beneficial to quit a match after you’ve been downed.

Prior to these changes, ranked Apex Legends players could quit matches after being downed to avoid registering a death on their player profile – essentially preserving their K/D ratio.


But a new update will address this issue, changing how kills, deaths and assists work.

“I have a change [in the works] that makes quitting Apex Legends lobbies count as a death [and] kill or assist next season,” said Respawn Technical Designer Exgeniar via reddit.

He also went on to explain how this will work in practice: “If a player quits, and if said player has an assist marker from an enemy, the game will force-kill the quitting player, resulting in a death, and kill and assists will be granted to the last damaging enemy team.”

The issue of quitting before a kill is registered has been a big issue in Apex Legends since the game launched, and throughout its first ten seasons.

However, these new changes are said to be implemented next season, in the Season 12 update, meaning Apex Legends players won’t be able to cheat death for much longer.

Respawn is also reportedly considering another change, too – increasing Ranked Point gains for any “knocks” players may gain before they die. However, the developers are concerned about how this slight change would work in practice.


“The RP system with that implemented would encourage degenerative cases,” Exgeniar explained, “which we would need to solve [to] consider that.”

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