‘Apex Legends Mobile’ reveals exclusive legend Fade

Fade's playstyle will be all about mobility

The launch of Apex Legends Mobile will include an entirely new legend called Fade, who will be exclusive to mobile platforms.

As Apex Legends Mobile approaches its May 17 launch date, developer Respawn Entertainment has unveiled what new features fans can expect.

The biggest of these is a new legend called Fade, a “bold” and “aggressive” character with no plans to launch on PC or console.


Speaking to press, Respawn shared that Fade is developed to resemble the best parts of mobile gaming, meaning his kit is all about mobility.

Fade’s passive will allow players to move much faster after sliding, and while it allows for incredibly fast map movement, it does have a cooldown to limit how much it can be used.

Fade’s tactical ability is Flashback, which allows him to rewind – moving the character back to an earlier point in time. Respawn has shared that while this will be a forgiving tool for new players, more experienced veterans will find the tool has a lot of manoeuvrability.

Finally, Fade’s ultimate ability is an explosive weapon that can be used to push all players out of the blast radius. This can be used to get out of tough situations, isolate enemies from the rest of their squad, or send Fade’s own team to safety. While the ultimate ability is active, Fade receives another speed buff.

When asked if Fade could ever make his way to other versions of Apex Legends, Respawn said there are “no plans” but that it’s “certainly a possibility” in the future.


Apex Legends
Apex Legends. Credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends Mobile will launch with nine other legends from the base game, and the main battle royale game mode will take place on the World’s Edge map – which will include a new, snowy point of interest to find.

There will also be two more game modes – Death Match and Clash – for players looking for a faster-paced experience, and after launch players can expect new legends alongside “unexplored and familiar” maps.

Earlier in the month, a new legend called Newcastle was added to Apex Legends.