‘Apex Legends’ patch adds “stability fixes” to address current server issues

The battle royale has been suffering from server issues this month

Respawn has issued a patch aiming to fix server-side crashes and disconnects in Apex Legends.

An update posted yesterday (September 22) should ideally improve ongoing server issues within Apex Legends, according to Respawn.

Posting the patch notes on Twitter, Respawn explained that the update fixes “numerous bugs”, with some of them causing “crashes and disconnects”. This includes a crash caused by equipping animated banner poses, as well as “misc stability fixes, including some errors that can cause disconnections”.


Respawn also added that the development team has “pushed some server-side changes that should solve issues with slow-mo servers and poor performance”.

Earlier in the week (September 20), Apex Legends received another patch that Respawn said would “meaningfully address teleporting, packet loss, and lag”.

The game has been suffering from a range of server issues since September 14, as players have been experiencing three times the usual number of disconnects according to Respawn. Multiple attempts to fix the issues have been made, however previous patches haven’t quite managed to completely deal with the server instability. In response to stability issues, Apex Legends players were granted an extension to the current ranked split.

Respawn originally planned to include a nerf to tap-strafing in a patch this month, however the development team discovered “some unexpected side effects” that meant all changes needed to be delayed. Though it is still planned, Respawn added that “it is still our intention to address some of the most egregious use-cases of tap-strafing“.


Back at the start of September, Respawn also downplayed an allegedly “major security vulnerability” in Titanfall 2. While some users exaggerated the nature of the problem, developers confirmed that the issue was in fact “a simple exploit that can be used to crash games”.

In other news, Destiny 2 will be unavailable for a significant amount of time this afternoon (September 23).