‘Apex Legends’ reveals next season’s new legend

A Titanfall 2 favourite joins the fray

Respawn has revealed that Ash will finally become a playable character in Apex Legends next season. The season is titled Escape.

A new trailer for the upcoming season of Apex Legends reveals more about Ash’s backstory and confirms that she will be the next playable legend.

The video, titled Ashes to Ash, shows how the new legend became a simulacrum to begin with. Ash was originally a researcher, Dr. Ashleigh Reid. She took part in a heist gone wrong, and to save her life, she had to have her mind transplanted into her new robotic form. However, the trailer also reveals that the Ash we know isn’t the Dr. Reid on the inside, as Horizon discovers in the end.


Ash has the longest legacy of any character in Apex Legends. She was first introduced as a villain in Titanfall 2. Ash also appeared in Apex Legends in May of 2020. During the fifth season, players collected weekly pieces of an artefact, later revealed to be Ash’s head. Ash also took charge of Apex Legends latest permanent mode, Arenas.

The webpage for the new season Escape also reveals that Ash isn’t the only thing returning from Titanfall 2. The C.A.R submachine gun will also be entering the Apex Legends arena next season.

There is also a tease of an unknown danger. “No matter how beautiful it seems, every corner of the Outlands is a dangerous place. You’d be wise to remember that,” the page says.

Finally, the new trailer lists a date for the full launch trailer, which will be released on October 21. As with previous trailers, this could be where players get to see Ash’s abilities in action. This will also show new skins and other rewards from the battle pass. There may also be some indication of what these “storms” might be.

Season 11 of Apex Legends, Escape, is set to begin on November 2.


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