‘Apex Legends’ trailer introduces new map Storm Point

Fight across a new island with new threats

Respawn has released a new gameplay trailer showing the next map coming to Apex Legends: a tropical island called Storm Point.

The latest Apex Legends trailer gives fans a first look at the next season of Apex in action. A significant focus of the trailer is the new map, Storm Point. This map is a tropical island with old rusted buildings and an electrical storm looming overhead. The new map also sees the return of the Trident hoverbike from the Olympus map. There is also a new way to traverse the map, with Halo style cannons that can throw players across the island.


The island is also infested with AI monsters for players to contend with. Prowlers are dog-like creatures seen in Titanfall 2 and earlier seasons of Apex Legends, but they appear more numerous on the new map. They are accompanied by a brand new enemy type,  spiders that seem to burst from eggs on walls and can be seen chasing a poor lifeline.

Apex Legends will also be receiving a new weapon this season—the C.A.R Submachine gun. The weapon was previously in the Titanfall games but has some new tricks in the Apex arena. The weapon is shown switching between light and heavy ammo, a mechanic unique to the new gun.

The trailer also gives fans the first look at Ash in action. Two of her abilities are shown in the trailer. One is an arc weapon that tethers players, preventing them from escaping. The second is a Wraith-like portal that allows Ash to zip to an advantageous position by tearing reality with her sword.

Throughout the Apex Legends trailer there are also clips of new skins that will be included in the battle pass. This includes the new reactive skin for the Prowler submachine gun. Reactive skins are seasonal unlock that cause a weapon to change slightly as the wielder knocks down opponents.

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