Apocalyptic platformer ‘The Cub’ launches free Steam demo

'The Cub' is an intriguing platformer that looks like an apocalyptic take on 'Jungle Book'

Demagog Studio has revealed a new look at The Cub, a platformer set on a post-apocalyptic version of Earth.

During Tribeca Games Spotlight today (June 10), Demagog Studio shared an in-depth look at The Cub – a stylish platforming game with an original soundtrack.

The new footage shared a look at some of The Cub‘s brutalist architecture, its main character, and its influences – which include Sega‘s Jungle Book and Aladdin games. If you’re interested by what The Cub has to offer, you can see the game’s announcement trailer below:


For anyone interested in learning more, Demagog Studio shared a free Steam demo for The Cub – which can be played here.

As for what to expect, the game’s Steam page shares the following:

“After the Great Ecological Catastrophe, the ultrarich flee to Mars and leave the rest to perish. But among them a small child who developed immunity to the hostile planet remains. Decades pass and those on Mars venture back to Earth to do recon. When they spot a small human child, The Cub, they immediately try to capture it. This sets off a journey of escape, exploration and discovery through the urban ruins of humanity coupled with frantic cat and mouse chases.”

The Cub doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it can be wishlisted on Steam. That said, you can play Demagog Studio’s other game Golf Club Wasteland on Steam, and it’s even set in the same universe as The Cub

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