Apparently the nail gun is the most powerful gun in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

DIY gets violent with the hottest new weapon

Fans of Call Of Duty: Warzone are upset with a new weapon that has an absurdly low time to kill.

The nail gun, which can be unlocked in Call Of Duty: Black Ops and Warzone in a variety of ways, has an extremely low time to kill.

Professional Call Of Duty player Curtis “FaZe Dirty” Henke demonstrates the power of the weapon in a new clip where he downs three players in under 18 seconds, before exclaiming “they had to have been weak, there’s no way ‘cos, that was gross”.


The weapon has received attention on the official Warzone Reddit, where user “YUNGSLAG” wrote: “It kills 100ms faster than the fastest killing smg (cwmp5) has 17m range (mp5 only 10m) and crazy mobility.”

Earlier this month, Raven Software announced that it was going to patch the game to nerf the recently added MG 82 LMG, but now players are calling on the developer to address the nail gun as well.

Call Of Duty has had an issue with weapons releasing and being extremely powerful, to the point that the meta has often changed to fit the weapon, such as with the Sykov pistol in April.

Raven Software has been faster to make changes in recent months, after promising that it would like to raise the skill ceiling in Warzone, but overpowered weapons keep slipping through.

In other Call Of Duty news, a blocked door in ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ is instantly killing players who touch it, after the recent Season Four update.


Meanwhile, Riot Games competitive shooter Valorant has launched its latest season with a snappy new trailer, and a wealth of changes to its weapon and ability economy. 

The patch also promises to improve “Matchmaking accuracy will improve across all ranks” in order to smooth out the rank climbing process.

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