‘Arcane’ adds cosmetics and new features to every Riot Games title

Players will be able to grab free skins, new game modes, and plenty more

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Riot GamesNetflix show Arcane, the studio has added a slew of cosmetics, features and game modes to titles like League Of Legends, Valorant, Wild Rift and more.

In an event called Riot X Arcane, Riot Games has added new Arcane themed content to every single one of its games.

For League Of Legends – which hosts the universe that Arcane is set in – the game will get “free Arcane skins inspired by the show” as well as “a variety of thematic updates to Summoner’s Rift”. The free skins will be for champions Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx – all characters within Arcane.


Wild Rift will add Jayce and Caitlyn to the game, as well as an in-game event centered around the events of the TV show.

Legends Of Runeterra will also be receiving Jayce as a champion, as well as a permanent new game mode called The Path Of Champions.

Meanwhile, Valorant players will be able to get their hands on new Arcane-themed cosmetics, A Riot X Arcane pass, as well as a new agent called Chamber.

Finally, Teamfight Tactics will release the Gizmo & Gadgets set, which will – like previous sets – change the available roster of champions and introduce some new gameplay mechanics.

Outside of Riot’s own games, PUBG Mobile will be joining in on the celebrations, as a crossover event will “bring characters, items and locations” from Arcane into the battle royale.


Earlier in the week, Reddit announced that it was partnering with Riot to turn League Of Legends characters into avatars available for users on the social media platform, with more characters joining the site following the release of Arcane.

In other news, Twitch streamer SquidGaming has shared that she has faced abuse, bans and missed work because of TV show Squid Game.