ArenaNet are getting ready for “a new adventure” in ‘Guild Wars 2’

“We can take the story in an entirely new direction. It’s incredibly liberating”

Following the release of Guild Wars 2 on Steam, ArenaNet are now getting ready to “embark on a new adventure”.

Speaking to PCGamesn, Guild Wars 2 game director Josh Davis said it felt like the “right” time to release the MMORPG on Steam. “Our latest expansion End Of Dragons (was) released back in February and brought an end to a story that we’ve been telling for the last 10 years.”

“There are 10 years of improvements and innovations that make the game what it is today. This is the best Guild Wars 2 has ever been and I hope that players coming to the game for the first time on Steam find that it was worth the wait.” He went on to add that “you only get one chance to make a first impression”.


Talking about the future of the title, Davis said: “For the first time in the game’s history, we can take the story in an entirely new direction. It’s incredibly liberating. We’re getting ready to embark on a new adventure – in Tyria and as a dev team – and it seems like the perfect time to bring some new friends along for the ride.”

He went on to confirm that the next episode of Living World Season 1 Return is set for release on September 13, while the finale will follow “before the end of the year.”

He also teased an End Of Dragons-inspired DLC and said devs were working on updates for the World Vs World mode.

“We’ve also started work on our fourth expansion, though we’re not ready to reveal any information about that quite yet. There are still so many stories to tell and places left to explore in Guild Wars 2,” he said.

In other news, Blizzard has announced what season 2 of Hearthstone Battlegrounds will include when it launches at the end of the month – and some players aren’t happy that the new paid season pass will give buyers access to a bigger range of heroes to choose from.

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