‘Arma 3’ creator DLC Western Sahara is available now

I hate sand. Its course, and ruff, and irritating. And it gets everywhere

Bohemia Interactive has released a new Creator DLC for Arma 3 called Western Sahara and developed by Rotators Collective.

CDLC are the expansions for Arma 3 that third-party studios develop with support from Bohemia Interactive. The latest of these, Western Sahara, is available now. The CDLC is set in Arma 3’s near future and takes players to a new dune covered desert.

Included in the expansion is the new Sefrou-Ramal terrain, which is a 100km2 map containing small towns, a mining site, and lots of open ground. The map also brings with it several new uniforms for existing factions to better suit the desert terrain.


New factions have also been added. The ION services PMC’s have returned from previous Arma games. They are also joined by the UNA, a branch of the United Nations complete with blue helmets and vests. A new faction called Tura has been added as a local guerrilla or insurgent force.

Nine new vehicle variants have been added to support the location and factions. The Zamak truck has been updated with flatbed, cargo, and anti-air variants. The Marshall line of infantry fighting vehicles has also received new command, mortar, and anti-tank loadouts.

For the infantry, new weapons such as the XMS and Velko R4 have been added. Ground troops will also field new equipment such as a deployable ballistic shield or a drone with a modular gun system.

New missions are available to play in single or multiplayer. Extraction tasks players with locating a kidnapped war correspondent in an open-world and randomised scenario. A multiplayer exclusive mode called Last Stand adds a wave defence mode to Arma 3. King of the Dunes offers a player vs player fight across the sands of the new map.

The Arma 3 creator DLC is now available on Steam for £5.99 but is discounted to £5.09 until November 25.


In other news, Cyberpunk 2077 may be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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