Baby Queen now has a gaming music show through BBC Sounds

Listen to a curated selection of video game soundtracks alongside the artist

Baby Queen has released the first volume of her new show, Gameplay With Baby Queen, which is available through BBC Sounds.

The new show features soundtracks from games chosen by Baby Queen, with the first volume available now on the BBC Sounds website, and it features tracks from The Legend Of Zelda, Sable, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Each volume will run for an hour, and will be available online for 30 days after broadcast. The second volume “Power up your energy levels” is being broadcast on November 20. The second volume will include tracks from Chrono Trigger, The Last Of Us, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Baby Queen announced the new series on her Instagram, where she said “I love video games (duh) and the score of a great video game is as powerful and essential to its success as a film score is to a motion picture’s.”


She added: “Thank you to the team at BBC for coming to me with the show of my dreams and for giving me a reason not to feel guilty about the thousands of hours I’ve spent in front of a screen. The first episode is out now and you can listen to it on the BBC sounds app!!!”

Baby Queen recently appeared on the FIFA 22 soundtrack, which featured music from several artists that range from huge headlines to smaller acts. When she spoke to NME about the project she said “FIFA should really book a music festival.”

In other news, Amazon Game Studios has announced that New World server merges are “on the horizon”. This comes after some players have found that their servers are not populated enough to access certain activities, despite a fresh wave of free server transfers. There are currently no details on when server merges could become active, or how they could work.

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