‘Babylon’s Fall’ developers say the game isn’t in danger

Will Babylon fall?

Square Enix’s Babylon’s Fall was released earlier this month with little fanfare, prompting developers to reassure fans that the game would receive continuous updates.

A tweet from the official Babylon’s Fall Twitter shared an image that asked the question, “is the continuing service in danger?”

To this, Square Enix said, “No, there are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon’s Fall. Content up to the end of Season 2 is now practically complete and we have started work on Season 3 and beyond.


“We will continue to provide new content for the game and make improvements based on player feedback, striving to keep existing players playing and to attract newcomers.”

The post continued, “We would like to thank all Sentinels already enjoying the world of Babylon’s Fall, as we look forward to welcoming more of you in the future.”

To help Square Enix address issues with the game, it released a survey that asked fans to provide feedback on the graphical qualities of Babylon’s Fall. It appears that further feedback in this style is likely as the team try to increase player numbers.

More details were also shared on upcoming content, including a crossover with Nier: Automata that will take place on March 27.

The day Babylon’s Fall launched on Steam, it failed to reach more than 1,200 concurrent players, capping out at 1,179. Currently, the game has 238 players in-game, according to SteamDB. By comparison, the highly criticised Battlefield 2042 has 2,412 players in-game.


Babylon’s Fall was initially announced at E3 2018 before suffering several delays. In 2020 the studio needed to reassure fans that it was, in fact, still being developed.

In other news, Amazon Games Studios has shared a developer roundtable for the MMO New World. Details were shared about upcoming content, including new weapons and expeditions, which would be coming to the game over the next few months.

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