‘Babylon’s Fall’ season 2 is being extended

Square Enix wants to re-evaluate the game's future roadmap

Square Enix has announced it will be extending Babylon’s Fall season two while it re-evaluates the game’s roadmap.

In a new blog post posted on May 20, the publisher confirmed it will be extending the game’s season two by three months when it releases on May 31. This means, that of ending on August 30, it will run until November 29 instead (via, Eurogamer).

“The seasons in Babylon’s Fall have been planned to run in cycles of around three months,” Square Enix said, “but based on the feedback we have received from our players, we feel that we need a period to re-evaluate the game’s future operating roadmap and accordingly have decided to extend Season 2 by three months…


Babylon's Fall
‘Babylon’s Fall’ CREDIt: Square Enix

“We are currently running the final checks on the Season 2 content, in order to release it as planned on Tuesday, 31 May 2022. Season 2 will contain numerous updates based on player feedback, and these will be detailed in an official live stream and patch note release coming soon.”

Season two, which is named The Light of Aaru, will include the version 1.2.1 small-scale update, however Square Enix has said that “after that we will be using the extra three months of the season extension for development on the next update, and so will not be making any further updates or adding new content during that time.”

The Light of Aaru will continue the story of Babylon’s Fall as the Sentinels head to Ziggurat under a new order. A new battle pass, a weapon style, and quests will also be included in the update.

In other news, The Irregular Corporation has announced its factory management simulation game Good Company will release on June 21 for PC.

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