‘Back 4 Blood’ adds Act 5 in next expansion

A release date has yet to be confirmed

Turtle Rock Studios has teased that Back 4 Blood‘s next expansion will include Act 5, while also revealing a new look.

On Twitter yesterday (July 15), the developer shared a new post teasing the release of expansion two while also clearly hinting at the inclusion of Act 5. The post also featured new Back 4 Blood artwork showcasing what players can expect when the update launches, and it looks like the Cleaners will be up against a cult.

“We’d love to confirm the release date for our Expansion 2, but we need a bit more time,” Turtle Rock said. “It’s an exciting update and we’re so pumped, it’s been like a cult around these parts – some of us are so giddy that we Act like we’re 5.”


Back 4 Blood
Back 4 Blood, Credit: Turtle Rock Studios

The post deliberately capitalised “Act” and featured the numerical “5”, so it’s clear that Turtle Rock intends to release the next act with the second expansion.

Last year, the developer revealed the game’s roadmap which details every content update that will arrive from the point of its launch through 2022. Back in April, Back 4 Blood‘s first expansion Tunnels of Terror was released which featured the all-new PvE areas Ridden Hives, along with two new playable Cleaners, seven new Legendary Weapons, 12 weapon skins, new cards, eight premium skins, and a Warped Ridden enemy beneath Evansburgh.

Aside from a vague 2022 release date for expansion two on the roadmap, it’s unclear at this time what the content update will entail. It is likely players can expect new cards to be added to the game as usual, but Turtle Rock is currently keeping quiet on the details.

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