‘Back 4 Blood’ DLC to introduce Wolverine claw weapon and more

Children of the Worm launches later this month

Turtle Rock Studios has released some new weapon teasers for Back 4 Blood‘s second expansion, Children Of The Worm.

Sharing the news on Twitter earlier this week (August 8) the developer revealed the first looks at two new low-tech weapons players will be able to get their hands on in the second expansion (via PCGamesN).

The first is a bow which quickly fires for moderate damage while also having an increased damage and accuracy feature when slowly drawing the arrows. In the Twitter thread, Turtle Rock responded to a fan and confirmed that the bow is “one of many” new toys coming to Back 4 Blood, suggesting even more weapons are on their way.


The next weapon to be revealed is the Iron Claws, and much like Wolverine’s claws, they feature three blades embedded in an iron glove. These bad boys allow fast slashes that will apply bleed damage, as well as increase melee attack speed.

Children of the Worm is the second major Back 4 Blood expansion and is set to launch on August 30. Alongside new weapons, players can expect a new story campaign in Act 5, a new playable Cleaner named “Prophet” Dan, new enemy threats, and obtainable character and weapon skins.

Following the launch of the survival horror game last year, Turtle Rock revealed the game’s roadmap which details every content update that will arrive from the point of its launch through 2022.

Back 4 Blood‘s first expansion Tunnels of Terror was released in April and featured the all-new PvE areas Ridden Hives, along with two new playable Cleaners, seven new Legendary Weapons, and more.

Last month, it was reported that the studio was hiring for 20 new job listings, with most of them geared around the continued development of Back 4 Blood.


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