‘Back 4 Blood’ has already pulled in 6million players since launch

"Thanks for all your hard work, Cleaners!"

Zombie survival game Back 4 Blood has been played by over 6million people since launching on October 12.

Turtle Rock Studios took to Twitter to share that Back 4 Blood – which launched just over two weeks ago – has already been played by 6million players. This player count is spread across all of the platforms Back 4 Blood launched on – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Back 4 Blood was also available from day one on the Xbox Game Pass, which may have resulted in a higher player count at launch due to subscribers not having to pay full price to play.


PC players were also able to pick up the game on Steam, where Back 4 Blood remains one of the most popular games on the platform according to SteamDB.

Earlier in the month, Turtle Rock Studios released a hotfix for Back 4 Blood that aimed to make the game slightly easier. After complaints that the game was too difficult, the patch reduced spawn rates for special infected and reduced the strength of certain enemies.

In our four-star review of Back 4 Blood, we highlighted issues with the difficulty of the game, noting that while the lowest difficulty is “dull and lacks the challenge that makes the whole thing pull together”, the middle difficulty made every level “intense and relentless”.

“It feels like there’s a middle difficulty level between Recruit and Survivor that might be well suited for people who want a challenge but don’t want to be sat, sweating, in their chair after each major engagement”, suggested the review.


In other news, Doom Eternal is offering plenty of rewards for players that can survive the brutal new horde mode, which was added alongside the rest of update 6.66 earlier in the week. Potential rewards include skins for characters, portals, weapons and more.

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