‘Baldur’s Gate III’ development has been “slowed down” due to COVID-19

But the game is still on track for “early access” this year

Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke has revealed that development on Baldur’s Gate III has taken a hit due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Like many other companies, the developer has moved to work-from-home arrangements in order to enforce social distancing measures. Although the transition initially went “really well”, issues soon cropped up as the weeks went on and have since negatively impacted progress on the upcoming.

“We started seeing more stress on the leads in terms of communication,” Vincke told The New York Times. “We’d spend all of our days just communicating – trying to solve problems, organise things, give direction.”


The studio boss also noted that some aspects of the game, such as motion capture, are currently impossible to work on due to the remote working arrangements. “We don’t have a solution for it,” he said. “We’re hoping that eventually we’re going to organise something.”

Despite the challenges, Vincke says that Larian Studios, which is running at 70 to 80 per cent of their normal capability, is still on track for an “early access” beta release of Baldur’s Gate III later this year.

“Development is proceeding,” he added. “We’re just slowed down.”

Vincke later reiterated the early access release of the game in a tweet on his personal account. Check it out below.

Larian Studios first announced Baldur’s Gate III last June during Google’s full reveal presentation of the Stadia. The critically acclaimed series was originally developed by BioWare and published by the now-defunct Black Isle Studios. The last main installment in the series was Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, which launched back in 2000.


Baldur’s Gate III is the latest game to be affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, Dutch publisher Sodesco pushed back the physical releases of Monstrum and Adam’s Venture: Origins due to logistical complications.

Last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment postponed the release of the Last Of Us Part II and Iron Man VR. The company has since started providing refunds for the games due to the delay.

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